Meaningful Media Live: Trust in the News

MAY 19, 2020  |  12:30PM - 1:30PM  |  ZOOM

Our worlds are expanding, and yet our circles of trust are being cinched increasingly tighter. We have access to more information than ever before, but we are not sure whether it's true. We can see images of events taking place thousands of miles away, but we cannot know for sure that they haven’t been digitally manipulated to tell a false tale.  


Even as people are taking in more information than ever before—and from a widening range of sources—they are feeling less informed because they aren’t certain which news they can trust. In their recent "Meaningful Media in the Time of COVID-19" report and ‘The Future of Trust’ Prosumer Report, Havas Media explored what media is becoming more trusted as well as the modern era’s depleted state of trust—and the potential to restore it.


In this session, Arnold + Havas Media Boston’s Chief Strategy Officer, Bre Rossetti will discuss the key findings of these reports along with how brands should be approaching this challenge. What should brands know about the impact of trust and which environments do consumers believe? How do media brands engender trust in a world where information is constant, but facts are in limited supply?


Join Bre, along with The Guardian’s Deputy Editor, Jane Spencer, The Washington Post’s Managing Editor, Cameron Barr, and The New York Times Corporate Media Reporter, Edmund Lee, as they discuss how the need for trust in one of our most important forms of media, the news, has become even more important during COVID-19 and the 2020 election.



Bre Rossetti

Chief Strategy Officer // Arnold + Havas Media Boston

Kathy Klingler

Chief Marketing Officer and SVP Marketing, Digital Strategy and Customer Experience // Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Jane Spencer

Deputy Editor & Head of Strategy // The Guardian

Edmund Lee

Corporate Media Reporter // The New York Times

Cameron Barr

Managing Editor // Washington Post





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12:30PM - 1:30PM


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