What is FutureX? 

MITX and BIMA, the parent organizations of FutureX, bring 23 years of experience in connecting, educating, and inspiring the digital marketing and media community.

We've learned a lot along the way and we're under no illusions. The ROI of attending conferences is diminishing. Sales pitches mean you're never really learning.

Huge events make it impossible to branch out of your inner circle – let alone build new relationships. While multi-day conferences equal that much more time out of the office.

So, we are trying something new. Big Thoughts. Quality Sessions. Curated Attendees. Targeted Focus.

Our goal is to bring media and marketing professionals together, in an intimate setting, to share knowledge. expand perspectives, and make new friends – while utilizing a fraction of the time.

Spun out of MITX's national digital marketing conference, FutureM, and BIMA's intimate media community, FutureX brings you the next evolution of impactful experiences.

We are creating the future exchange.

About our Organization

We've got innovation expertise: MITX, the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange, is a professional organization focused on the future of customer experience across Commerce, Design, Digital Marketing, and the Workforce. Created 23 years ago, MITX is the only organization that fosters critical relationships, around emerging technology and shared business challenges.

And media expertise: BIMA, the Boston Interactive Media Association, is a professional organization focused on the media landscape for publishers, agencies, brands, and providers. Spun out of MITX 15+ years ago, BIMA serves the ever-changing world of advertising and media.

Contact Us

Have questions? Want to partner? We'd love to hear from you!

250 Northern Ave, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02210  |  Phone: 617-871-2155  |  Email: info@mitx.org

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